8 Top tips to stay calm and enjoy your wedding morning

The importance to stay calm wedding morning

Here we are, the big day is knocking at the door. Weddings are the most fun, enjoyable and beautiful experience in life, but they can also carry a lot of stress and different emotions. You spent so much time to perfectly plan everything but now you are too stressed to fully enjoy the morning of the wedding day. Take a breath and live the moment. Everything is going to be amazing no matter what, for this is important to feel relaxed and calm during to fully enjoy the wedding day. Here below some top tips to stay calm during the wedding morning.

The night before

To feel nervous the night before the wedding day is perfectly natural. Go to bed a little earlier and take the time for yourself to relax. Cuddle yourself with some skin beauty treatments before getting into bed, ask your MUA which are the best moisturizing masks or the best moisturizers for the day before. Play your favourite music while enjoying the process. If you are feeling anxiety too much, prepare an herbal tea. It will help to calm down your nerves.

Go for a walk

There is nothing better than some sport to peace your nerves, movement has a positive physical and psychological effect. Many brides really enjoy an early morning short walk before pamper themselves. Some light exercise will calm down the wedding day adrenaline and will help to clear up your mind.

Have a good and heathy breakfast

There is nothing better to start the day than a five stars breakfast. This will help the serotonin to chick in and to stay calm during the wedding morning. Avoid greasy stuff, you don’t need to feel heavy while getting ready. Fresh fruit with granola and yogurt beside providing all the good energies for the day, have a visual impact on your brain that will beat anxiety. also don’t forget to drink and stay hydrated.

Pamper yourself

Take time for a relaxing shower or bath to melt the stress, indulge with yourself. Moisturise your body with your favourite body lotion. Ask to your MUA the best way to prepare your skin for the makeup, so when she will arrive you will be already in perfect shape to start the beauty session. To chick off the preparation there is nothing better to feel beautiful. Feeling amazing helps positively to stay calm during the wedding morning.

Scents and music to stay calm during the wedding morning

Music and scents play a key role in the emotional balance, they add a lovely and calming vibe to the room. Create a playlist with your favourite music and play it during the morning. Fill the space where you are getting ready with your favourite aroma. You can use candles, natural oils or room diffusers. Lavender, lemon and mint are the most calming essences. You can also buy a customised fragrance made for your wedding morning. Every time you will use it, it will bring you back to that day. Enjoy the feelings that music and scents bring with them. Don’t forget to pack portable speakers and chargers.

Prepare in advance everything that you need.

There is nothing better to stay calm during the wedding morning than prepare and layout everything that you need for the day. Prepare your dress and all the accessories, display the shoes and the jewels. Have a tote ready with an emergency kit. Consider also to do this for your bridal party (or ask them to do it!).

The Inner Circle

Surround yourself only with people that you want. On the wedding morning, you may have other suppliers around you, like MUA, hairstylists, the photographer, in the same room where you will get ready. Be sure to you pick an inner circle with people that you trust and feel comfortable with, able to take away the pressure of the day and to help managing the anxiety. It’s your day, you don’t need to add further stress managing people!

Hire a coordinator

Don’t pretend to control everything. If you don’t have a planner, consider about hiring a wedding day coordinator. To fully enjoy the process of getting ready, relay to an expert and delegate all the details of the wedding day. The coordinator will be the point of contact with vendors, check that everything is in order, will handle vendors’ set up and issues. Keep in mind that you can’t control everything, in particular the weather, focus on what is important. Don’t check the forecast every 30 minutes. Spent that time to enjoy the company of the bridal party. A Wedding day coordinator, will also help to create a schedule of the day and help you to be on time.